Company Pension Topic

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The legal pension Scheme in GermanY has a massive problem and therefore no one can abandon an additional, company related pension.

We definitely recommend making use of the pension schemes, which are supported by the government.

There is a choice of three different encouragements, which can if so also be applied at the same time:

  • Sacrificed compensation through your employer
  • The German „Riester“ Pension: incentive programmes to encourage private pension savings
  • The German Basic or „Rürup“ Pension: Premiums are partly tax deducted

Which Pension Scheme is the most recommendable one?

  • For employees the Sacrificed compensation through the employer is usually worth it because premiums are tax free and insurance free.
  • For families with at least two small children and only one person with an income the “Riester” is the first choice.
  • For self-employed people, the Basic Pension is the only possibility to gain tax effective and insolvency protected premiums in most of the cases.
  • Managers or company partners have to be considered individually.