BA Company Pension Scheme is profitable!

The actual expense for deffered compensation can even be determined by your payroll (excluding special payments):




Company Pension Scheme
Gross Cash Flow    100 EUR    100 EUR
Social Security Costs    20 EUR    0 EUR
Taxes    13 EUR    0 EUR
     67 EUR
Net cash flow 
   100 EUR
goes directly into your pension

 Net Cash Flow
---------  x Amount to be converted = Net expenditure
Gross Cash Flow

Nett Salary:                        2.000 EUR
Gross Salary:                    3.000 EUR  
Amount to be converted:     100 EUR

2.000 EUR : 3.000 EUR = 0,66 x 100 EUR = 66,66 EUR

In the above example the effective expenditure of the amount to be converted (100 EUR) is only 66,66 EUR.