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At the beginning of cooperation we get the commission from our clients to analyse risks.

There we audit, in consideration of the individual given conditions, against which dangers you have to prevent and if insurance is useful. Together with the client we start working on a risk strategy.

In the next step we check how the existing policies are featured and able to extend as an important instrument of risk political coverage. We check achievements of the several compacts, as well as risks and premiums and try to summarize the compacts as much as possible.

We attend the asset of insurance and plead for its improvement.

Furthermore we help you with loss adjustment advice you in loss prevention.

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A special of our company is the supply in the division of personal insurance.

Besides definition and improvement of the more and more important becoming company pension scheme we are taking care of the provision of the company and its directorate and offer beneficial possibilities of health care insurance.

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Advertum ist Mitglied im deutschen MaklerverbandAdvertum ist Mitglied im Bundesverband Deutscher Versicherungskaufleute e.V. (BVK)



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