AdVertum - Five Things
you will only find at AdVertum

Owner-managed company
Our employees are shareholders at the same time and an allocation of customer support from employee to customer does always occur.

AdVertum 5 Dinge die es nur bei AdVertum gibt

Your advantage: You will always get the same contact person- someone you know and who will be there for you.

2. International Broker Network
The International Broker Network we offer works better than the ones of bigger brokers.

Your advantage: Professional business partners who are able solve any insurance problem anywhere in the world in a flexible way that is adapted to the local conditions.

3. Customer Orientated data processing
The innovative data processing works customer orientated and is being adapted steadily to changing requirements by our own professionals.

Your advantage: Steady reporting of data processing – information you need just in time - as well as a permanent development of the latest requirements.

4. Further Expertise Centre
Benefit from our additional „Expertise Centres“ Asset Management and Company Pension Scheme.

Your advantage: experts in an area that goes along with an optimal asset building structure.

5. KiNiKi non-profit Organisation
We guarantee a professional charity engagement. Our target group is children in need and we do mostly support local projects.

Your advantage: Certainly, KiNiKi is one of the few organisations which puts, thanks to AdVertum, 100 % of its donations directly into its projects without considering any kind of administrational cost.